Photos of the 2015 Reunion


Courtesy of Bob Melody Thomas

A Bull Session Albert & Jim Albert Munoz & Dennis Hurt Albert, Ron & Dennis An Efficiency E to Plante ...and a 3rd bottle of wine ...and more Somers wine! ...and Somers wine Annual Meeting Arrangement at Oceana Grill Austin (Princess) Hines Austin Hines & Retired Commander Mike DeLaurentis Austin Hines & Ron Botts Awaiting dinner at Oceana Grill Best Buds Ron Botts & Austin Hines Bill (Hutch) Hutchens & Everett Perry Billy Tankersley - Valet! Billy Tankersley &Albert Munoz Billy Tankersley, David Wik & Son-In-Law Ernie Keener Billy Tankersley Bob & Jim Bob & Shirley Terhune & Helen DeLaurentis Bob Plante & Garland Broussard Bob Plante & Harold Murphy Bob Plante with the Terhune's & DeLaurentis' Bob Plante Botts, Hines & Munoz Brenda Tankersley & Colleen Parham Carl discussing Somers moments Carl Trimble & Garland Broussard Carl Trimble, Hank Blancq & Bob Plante Carl Trimble Carl, Hank & Bob Carol & George Johnson Checking the departure schedule Chillaxing Chris & Mike Zuwala with WWII Somers Veteran Cindy Brown, Al Munoz & Jim Culverhouse Couldn't sit still for too long! Dan & Pam Balch with Dwayne Kleck (2) Dan & Pam Balch with Dwayne Kleck Dan Balch David & Dwayne David & Garland David Wik - pressing the flesh David Wik & Cindy Brown David Wik & Jim Culverhouse David Wik & Jim Evinger David Wik & Mike Zuwala David Wik (2) David Wik (3) David Wik (4) David Wik, Sal Soto, Hutch & Russell Hartley David Wik Dee Moss Dennis Hurt, Jim & Mitzi McLeod, Stella & Willie Pina & Albert Munoz Dwayne Kleck, Ron Botts & Jim Andreas Enjoying the company Enjoying the evening Ernie Keener - Taking a Break Ernie Keener (Former Marine) with David Wik & Sal Soto Ev Perry & WWII Veteran David Wik Everett Perry Foreground is Peggy Dunn & Nancy Fenwick Frank Vito & David Wik (Hamming it up) Frank Vito from USS Omaha CL2 WWII veteran visiting Garland Broussard & Jim Andreas Gary Rose, William Banks & Ray Wasilewski George & Carol Johnson with JoAnn & Harold Murphy George & Carol Johnson George & Mike - Nice Shirts! George Johnson & Brenda Tankersley George Johnson & Garland Broussard GM Sal Soto accepts Somers coin & wine! GM Sal Soto with Austin Hines & Ron Botts Going Partying! Hal Keaton & Bob Plante Hal Keaton & Jim Andreas Hal Keaton presenting a plaque to Bob Plante Assoc. Administrator Hank Blancq Happy David Harold & JoAnn Murphy Helen DeLaurentis & David Wik Helen DeLaurentis Always Smiling Helen DeLaurentis, Dee Moss, Hal Moss & Mike DeLaurentis Hi Mel.... Hines & his ride Hines, Soto, Richard & Russell Hartley Hotel ensured we had a flag!! Hotel GM Sal Soto with Harold (Murph) & JoAnn Murphy Hotel GM Sal Soto with Ron Botts Hotel GM Sal Soto with WWII Veterans Vito & Wik Hotel Staff (2) Hotel Staff In Conversation In The Brightside Cafe (2) In The Brightside Cafe Jeffrey, Hulme & Steve Lewis Jerry Foxworth Jerry Jeffrey & Ron Hulme Jim & Mitzi McLeod with Jim Culverhouse & Cindy Brown Jim Andreas - Relaxing Jim Andreas & Hal Keaton Jim Culverhouse Jim Evinger & Hotel GM Sal Soto Jim Johnson JoAnn & Harold Murphy with Bob Plante JoAnn Murphy with Sherline Hartley Judy Lowery, Bruce Driscoll & Marcia Todd Karla Gibson & Shirley Terhune Ken Delk & Larry Nazarenus Ken Delk with Mike D Ken Delk, David Wik & Walt Parham LaQuinta Director of Sales Melody Thomas with Somers' WWII veterans David Wik & Tom Sargis LaQuinta Staff Larry Nazarenus Mary Wolthausen & Carol Johnson sharing info Mary, Tom & Bob Matt Maloney, Jerry (Jeff) Jeffrey, Ron Hulme with Ev Perry standing Matt Maloney Matt Thomas & Mike DeLaurentis Matt Thomas & Sal Soto - Not a dull moment Matt Thomas with Mike & Helen DeLaurentis Matt Thomas, Civil Engineering Major at Tulane Matt, Hank Plante Parham & Hotel GM Sal Soto Matt, Hank, Bob, Walt & Sal Meeting & Greeting Melody Thomas (Hotel Dir. of Sales) & Husband Matt Melody Thomas with WWII Veteran David Wik Melody Thomas, Hotel Director of Sales receives Somers Challenge Coin Michael Demeter, Ruth Goforth, Mary Anne & Tom Goforth Mike D addressing a question Mike D, Shirley Terhune, Bob Plante, Bob Terhune & Helen DeLaurentis Munoz, Botts, Hurt and Cindy Brown Nancy Fenwick & Peggy Dunn of the Branning Party OK Guys, you can let her go now Old Glory Planning their next move... Plante receives a portrait of Somers DD947 on canvas Plante receiving a gift from the crew Plante, Broussard, Wasilewski & DeLaurentis at the head table Preparing for the Somers Assoc. Annual Meeting Raffle Basket Raise your right hand & repeat after me Ray Bell, Hal Keaton & David Wik Ray Bell, Hal Keaton & WWII Veteran David Wik Ray Wasilewski & Gary Rose Ray Wasilewski Relaxing in the lobby Retired Captain Bob Terhune Reunion Committee Chairman Mike DeLaurentis Reunion Poster (2) Reunion poster with plant alongside Reunion Poster Richard H. Hartley, Ofc of Lt Governor & Director of Special Projects receives Somers Challange Coin Ron Hulme & Steve Lewis Rose & Banks Rose, Wasilewski, Banks & Tank Russell & Sherline Hartley with Bill Hutchens Russell Hartley & Hutch Hutchens Sal & Bob Sal Soto & Walt Parham Sal Soto, Bob Plante & Hank Blancq Sally & Jim Johnson, Carl Trimble & Bob Terhune Sign in with Basket Donation from the Balch's Somers Wine for Mr. Hartley Steve Lewis & Gary Rose Susan Broussard, Brenda Tankersley & Carol Johnson Susan Broussard, Jim Culverhouse, Cindy Brown & Garland Broussard Tank Tankersley Family with Carol Johnson The meeting continues... The Murphy's & the Johnson's Tom & David Tom Goforth & Jim Johnson Tom Goforth wearing pink Tom Sargis making a point to Dwayne Kleck Vito & Wik WWII Veterans & a  New Friendship Walt Parham & Dennis Hurt Walt Parham, Bob Terhune & Ray Wasilewski Willie of LaQuinta with Billy Tankersley WWII Somers Veterans Meet - David Wik & Tom Sargis WWII Veteran David Wik addressing the meeting attendees WWII Veteran Tom Sargis & Bob Plante WWII Veteran Tom Sargis & Carl Trimble WWII Veteran Tom Sargis & Melody Thomas WWII Veterans Frank Vito (USS Omaha) & David Wik (Somers DD381) You had to be there! lightbox gallery wordpressby v6.1